Pango Mobile Website

It is ubiquitous?that all-important communication device that no one ever leaves home without.  It’s your cell phone, and it has always done an admirable job of keeping you in touch.  It’s also a powerful business tool, providing access to data via the internet.  To help serve you in the field, Pango Group has recently launched a version of our website which is optimized for viewing on your mobile phone.   Now you can keep in touch and stay informed with the latest and greatest escrow information.

IMG_6051Access everything you need from and all four of our escrow brands right to your mobile device – be it an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo or other PDA manufacturer.  If you have a data plan (internet access/text/email), you have immediate access to all of our relevant and helpful website content from where ever you are.  From contact information, blog posts, driving directions, sales representative videos and more, the information you need is at your fingertips, on the fly.  Our website navigation is simple with very few drilldowns.  Just click and go.

The days of being on the road with no way to access vital escrow information are gone.  If you’re with a client and want to share one of our pertinent blog posts discussing California escrow, it’s literally within your grasp.  With mobile phone access to, you can even show your clients who their escrow officer is via our photo library and online videos.

Your mobile phone is a robust tool that helps to support and strengthen your business efforts.  Pango Group is pleased to be part of this process and we invite you to visit us from your computer, and your phone, at