Pain and grief. I mostly try to avoid these two words since everyone has a different reaction to them. But it’s hard to avoid them altogether. 

So, if you are communicating or interacting with someone who is dealing with pain and grief, I think these are some good ideas for communication. 

People in pain don’t want to hear about your pain.  Saying things like, “I know how you feel” are based on our own experiences, not theirs.

We all want to feel seen and heard, especially when we are hurting. In my experience, I have found that listening, acknowledging their feelings, and saying, “That really sucks. I am sorry,” can be much more helpful. So take a few minutes to actually sit with that person and try to understand (even if you can’t) and let them know you are there for them – to listen, to help, and to support in whatever way they need you. 

As you go through the week, try this out. 

Life is good. 

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