escrow home inspectionHome inspections are a critical part of the home buying process. They are how interested buyers learn about the home’s condition from a trained and certified professional. But with the Covid-19 pandemic still impacting the world, home inspections have also changed.

Look for a home inspection firm that has taken up stringent safety and cleanliness practices that follow CDC guidelines. This also includes guidelines set forth by state and local governments. 

The company should be able to provide you with a specific list of ways they are taking precautions and protecting both clients and their inspectors. This includes but is not limited to wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like face coverings/masks, carrying hand sanitizer, and more.

Questions you can ask include: 

    • Will the inspector wipe-down surfaces, handles, switches, and any other objects they have touched? 
    • Will they wear a face covering or mask?
    • Will they change into a pair of indoor shoes to be worn inside the home?
    • How will they handle the inspection if a client either cannot or chooses not to attend? 
    • How will they handle the inspection if the home is currently occupied? 
    • Do they offer a contactless payment option, or the ability to pay online?
    • How will they deliver the final inspection report? How will they review it with your clients?

Many companies are providing home inspection reports in a digital format that can be viewed virtually. This offers peace-of-mind to those who cannot attend a home inspection in-person. 

Be sure to ask the home inspection company when the client will receive both the digital and printed copies of the inspection and what the best way is to review the information with the home inspector.

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