It seems to me there is a lot of finger pointing going on in the world today. 

    • “It’s his fault this happened to me.” 
    • “It’s her fault I am feeling {enter any emotion here}. 
    • It’s their fault I can’t {enter anything you want to do or feel here}. 

You get the drift. So, I wonder what it would look like if all of us took a bit more personal responsibility. Here are a few quotes I am pondering in that regard: 

    • “Take responsibility for your experience of being alive. If you’re miserable, own it. Step up the ownership of where you are and where you are headed.”  – Gary John Bishop
    • When you realize it’s been you all along, it sticks in your throat when you blame someone else. You can smell your own bullshit from quite a distance after a while too.” – Gary John Bishop
    • “God laid down this law saying if you want some good, get it from yourself.” – Epictetus

So in the next week, if you find yourself in the finger pointing trap, take a moment to pause. Consider if someone else is to blame (and even if they are), remove them from the equation. Reframe the situation to see how you can make the situation better. Maybe it’s positive thinking or getting off the couch and doing. Blame will get you nowhere. Action will. 

Life is good. – Jeff 

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