Our mission at the Pango Group is to run exceptional real estate service businesses that enhance the lives of the people, partners, and communities we serve.

Today, I would like to focus on three words from our mission: enhancing the lives.

You can. We all can enhance the lives of everyone we touch, but how? 


It’s that simple. 

Be nice. 

When you get triggered at a store because the people behind the counter are talking to each other and not to you, be nice. I use that example because it’s a trigger for me. 

Be compassionate. 

If a client is aggressive towards you, don’t take it personally. Instead, think about what might be going on in their life and act accordingly. 

By the way, I am only sometimes good at this. Just a few weeks ago, I was at a hardware store with my daughter and her boyfriend. I was pulling tile off a rack, and an employee told me I had to leave the aisle so a forklift could come through. I lost it. I recovered quickly, but not before I embarrassed my daughter (which is fun sometimes) by stating I would “show them” by not returning to the store. 

We all get triggered and can get pulled away from enhancing the lives of others. When this happens, my best advice is to come back to the center and be nice. 

Life is good.


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