VP of Enterprise Applications

Mike Allegra is the VP of Information Technology at Pango Group and has been serving the organization for over a decade. Given the vast depth and breadth of his experience, knowledge, and expertise, he brings an immense amount of value to the company, its employees, and clients daily. 

Given Mike’s innate passion for technology, people, and being part of a strong team, he is able to help the organization make smart decisions by sharing solutions and strategies in a simple and comprehensible manner.  

In addition to providing IT leadership, Mike also participates in several functions within the company, including managing the training team, leading the Disaster Recovery Team, co-leading Pango Group’s compliance team, and producing Pango Group’s own podcast.  

Outside of work, Mike is passionate about travel…to say the least. So, in his free time, you can typically find him off on a new adventure or researching and planning for his next one.